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Program to set limit of number after point (.) in floating value.

In this  program we have to set limit ( How many number should present after point (.) ) .
            4.000 is a floating value in this after point there are 3 zero but we want only one then we have  to fix number after point.
example 2:-
                   if we have to add two floating  number 2.0 and 4.0 then when we add in compiler
the ans is 6.0000 but we want only 6.0 then we have to set limit . So for set limit in printing statement we have to write (%0.0f) when we want no any number after point .(% 0.1f) if we want one number after point.(%0.2f) for two and so on.
void main()
float a,b,sum;


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