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multiple choice questions on poisson distribution math4

Here are the some multiple choice questions with the explanation which help you in many examination such as college mid semester, or some competitive exams, and upcoming AKTU semester exams.

All the questions are related to piosson distribution.

1. If ‘m’ is the mean of a Poisson Distribution, then variance is given by ___________
a) m2
b) m12
c) m
d) m2 

Answer:- c

Explanation:-  In poisson distribution mean and variance both are equal and is equal to m.

2. In a Poisson Distribution, if ‘n’ is the number of trials and ‘p’ is the probability of success, then the mean value is given by?
a) m = np
b) m = (np)2
c) m = np(1-p)
d) m = p

Answer:- a

3. The p.d.f of Poisson Distribution is given by ___________
a) emmxx!
b) emx!mx
c) x!mxem
d) emmxx!

Answer: a

Explanation: This is a standard formula for Poisson Distribution.

4. If ‘m’ is the mean of a Poisson Distribution, the standard deviation is given by ___________
a) m
b) m2
c) m
d) m2

Answer: a
Explanation:  variance =m hence
Standard Deviation = variance=m

5. In a Poisson Distribution, if mean (m) = e, then P(x) is given by ___________
a) e(xe)x!
b) e(ex)x!
c) x!e(ex)
d) x!e(xe)

Answer: a
Explanation: P(x)=emmxx!
Put m = e, and get correct solution.

6. In a Poisson Distribution, the mean and variance are equal.
a) True
b) False

Answer: a
Explanation: Mean = m
Variance = m
∴ Mean = Variance.
7. The recurrence relation between P(x) and P(x +1) in a Poisson distribution is given by ___________
a) P(x+1) – m P(x) = 0
b) m P(x+1) – P(x) = 0
c) (x+1) P(x+1) – m P(x) = 0
d) (x+1) P(x) – x P(x+1) = 0
Answer:- c

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