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C-Program of Disk scheduling Algorithms in operating system (OS).

 What is disk scheduling:-

                       Disk scheduling is schedule I/O requests arriving for the disk.  It is important because:-

  • Multiple I/O requests may arrive by different processes and only one I/O request can be served at a time by the disk controller. Thus other I/O requests need to wait in the waiting queue and need to be scheduled.
  • Two or more request may be far from each other so can result in greater disk head movement.
  • Hard drives are one of the slowest parts of the computer system and thus need to be accessed in an efficient manner.
There are some important point in Disk  scheduling:-

  • Seek TimeSeek time is the time taken to locate the disk head to a specified track where the data is to be read or write. So the disk scheduling algorithm that gives minimum average seek time is better.
  • Rotational Latency: Rotational Latency is the time taken by the desired sector of disk to rotate into a position so that it can access the read/write heads. So the disk scheduling algorithm that gives minimum rotational latency is better.
  • Transfer Time: Transfer time is the time to transfer the data. It depends on the rotating speed of the disk and number of bytes to be transferred.
  • Disk Access Time: Disk Access Time is=( Seek+ Rotational+ transfer time)
There are some Disk scheduling algorithms:-

2) SSTF (Short seek time first) :-   C      C++      Python   

You can simply click on the link and can find the program of the scheduling algorithms.

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