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C program of CPU scheduling algorithms

 What is CPU scheduling:-

In Multiprogramming systems, the Operating system schedules the processes on the CPU to have the maximum utilization of it and this procedure is called CPU scheduling. The Operating System uses various scheduling algorithm to schedule the processes.

Types of CPU scheduling:-

1. FCFS Scheduling  :- Click here

2. SJF (Shortest job first) scheduling 

      (i). Non preemptive


3. Priority scheduling :-

      (i).  Non preemptive


4. Round robin scheduling :-   Click here

WE are going to discuss code for all the scheduling algorithms . and all the codes will be in C language.

So click on the links for explore the scheduling algorithms and know more about it . in all the codes I  am giving you explanation of the code and logic behind the code . But still if you faces any difficulty then you can comment .

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