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PPS lab all programs with solution AKTU university 1st year

 1) Write a program to calculate the area of triangle using formula at=√s(s-a)(s-b)(s-c) :   C    |     C++    |    Python  

2) Basic salary of an employee is input through the keyboard. The DA is 25% of the basic salary while the HRA is 15% of the basic salary. Provident Fund is deducted at the rate of 10% of the gross salary (BS+DA+HRA). Program to calculate the Net Salary :    C    |     C++    |    Python  

3) Write a program to determine the roots of quadratic equation :    C    |     C++    |    Python  

4) Write a program to find the largest of three numbers using nested if else.   C    |     C++    |    Python  

5) Write a program to receive marks of physics, chemistry & math's from user & check its eligibility for course if a) Marks of physics > 40 b) Marks of chemistry > 50 c) Marks of math’s > 60 d) Total of physics & math’s marks > 150 or e) Total of three subjects marks > 200.    C    |     C++    |    Python  

6) Write a program to find the value of y for a particular value of n. The a, x, b, n is input by user if n=1 y=ax%b if n=2 y=ax2+b2 if n=3 y=a-bx if n=4 y=a+x/b.    C    |     C++    |    Python  

7) Write a program to construct a Fibonacci series up to n terms.   C    |     C++    |    Python  

8) Write a program to find whether the number is Armstrong number.   C    |     C++    |    Python   

9) Write a program to generate sum of series 1!+2!+3!+--------------n!.   C    |     C++    |    Python   

10) Write a program to find the sum of following series 1-X1/1!+X2/2!- …………Xn/n!. Solution

11) Write a program to print the entire prime no between 1 and 300.    C    |     C++    |    Python   

12) Write a program to print out all the Armstrong number between 100 and 500.    C    |     C++    |    Python   

13) Write a program to draw the following figure: 3 2 1 21 1 * ** ***.  Solution

14) Write a program to receive a five-digit no and display as like 24689: 2 4 6 8 9.    C    |     C++    |    Python   

15) Write a function that return sum of all the odd digits of a given positive no entered through keyboard.   C    |     C++    |    Python   

16) Write a program to print area of rectangle using function & return its value to main function.     C    |     C++    |    Python   

17) Write a program to calculate the factorial for given number using function:-  Solution

18) Write a program to find sum of Fibonacci series using function:-  Solution    

19) Write factorial function & use the function to find the sum of series S=1!+2!+-----n!:-


20)  Write a program to find the factorial of given number using recursion:-   Solution

21) Write a program to find the sum of digits of a 5 digit number using recursion.                                                                                                                                         Solution     

22)  Write a program to calculate the GCD of given numbers using recursion  Solution

23) Write a program to calculate the GCD of given numbers using recursion:-  Solution

24)  Write a program to convert binary number in to decimal number:-  Solution

25)  Write a program to delete duplicate element in a list of 10 elements & display it on screen.   Solution

26)  Write a program to merge two sorted array & no element is repeated during merging.


27)  Write a program to evaluate the addition of diagonal elements of two square matrixes


28)  Write a program to find the transpose of a given matrix & check whether it is symmetric or not.        Solution

29)Write a program to print the multiplication of two N*N (Square) matrix.  Solution

30) Write a program in C to check whether the given string is a palindrome or not.


31)Write program to sort the array of character (String) in alphabetical order like STRING in GINRST.      Solution

32) Write a program to remove all the blank space from the string & print it, also count the no of characters.   Solution

34)Write a program to compare two given dates. To store a date uses a structure that contains three members namely day, month and year. If the dates are equal then display message equal otherwise unequal.   Solution

37) Write a c program to copy & count the character content of one file says a.txt to another file b.txt.    Solution

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