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Basic salary of an employee is input through the keyboard. The DA is 25% of the basic salary while the HRA is 15% of the basic salary. Provident Fund is deducted at the rate of 10% of the gross salary (BS+DA+HRA). Program to calculate the Net Salary.

   Net salary is :-Basic salary -10% of (BS+DA+HRA)


int main()
float BS,DA,HRA,Net_salary;
printf("Enter the basic salary of the employee\n");
DA=0.25*BS; // 25 percent of the basic salary
HRA=0.15*BS; // 15 percent of the basic salary
printf("The net salary of the employee is: %f",Net_salary);
return 0;


Enter the basic salary of the employee
The net salary of the employee: 21500.0000

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