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All important formula of the Statistical Techniques III unit 5 Engineering math-4 AKTU

   Here I am giving you all the important formula of the engineering math 4 . These formulas will help in your college , university examinations , mid semester examination and in many competitive  exams as you know formulas are very important for solving any problem. These will also helps in your upcoming AKTU exam. So prepare these formulas and solve some questions related to these formulas it will increase your confidence also.

Topics :-

Sampling, Testing of Hypothesis and Statistical Quality Control: Introduction , Sampling Theory (Small and Large) , Hypothesis, Null hypothesis, Alternative hypothesis, Testing a Hypothesis, Level of significance, Confidence limits, Test of significance of difference of means, T-test, F-test and Chi-square test, One way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA).Statistical Quality Control (SQC) , Control Charts , Control Charts for variables  ( X and R Charts), Control Charts for Variables ( p, np and C charts)

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Multiple choice questions for practice :-

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All important formulas of Engineering math-4 :-

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