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Mcq of the computer system security (css) .

 Here we are going to discuss top 50 css  multiple choice questions. these questions will help you at the many places like in examinations. in an interview etc. So lets start--

1. What type of symmetric key algorithm using a streaming cipher to encrypt information?


    A. RC4       

    B. Blowfish

    C. SHA 

    D. MD5


2. Charles Babbage invented

    A. ENIAC                

    B. Difference Engine

    C. Electronic Computer  

    D. Punched Card


3. What type of attack uses a fraudulent server with a relay address?

   A. NTLM          

   B. MITM      

   C. NetBIOS       

   D. SMB


4. What is the maximum character Linux supports in its filenames?


   A. 8           

   B. 128

   C. 256         

   D. Unlimited


5. Which of the following is independent malicious program that need not any host program?

   A. Trap doors     

   B. Trojan horse

   C. Virus          

   D. Worm


6. In tunnel mode IPsec protects the

    A. Entire IP packet       

    B. IP header

    C. IP payload             

    D. None of the mentioned


7. A Extensible authentication protocol is authentication framework frequently used in

    A. Wired personal area network    

    B. Wireless networks

    C. Wired local area network       

    D. None of the mentioned


8. Which of the following is known as Malicious software?


    A. illegalware            B. Badware

    C. Malware                D. Maliciousware


9. Which of the following is NOT an example of a smartcard?

   A. a credit card which can be used to operate a mobile phone 

   B. an electronic money card e.g Mondex

   C. a drivers licence containing current information about bookings etc

   D. an access control card containing a digitised photo


10. Code red is an ----------

    A. Word Processing Software    

    B. Antivirus

    C. Virus                       

    D. Photo Editing Software


11.Firewalls are to protect against

   (A) Virus Attacks          (B) Fire Attacks

   (C) Data Driven Attacks    (D) Unauthorized Attacks


12.The first computer virus is

   (A) The famous    (B) HARLIE

   (C) PARAM         (D) Creeper


13.A hard copy would be prepared on a

  (A) Printer        (B) Joystick

  (C) Trackball      (D) All of these


14.The first PC virus was developed in

  (A) 1980        (B) 1986

  (C) 1988        (D) 1999


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