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Mcq of the computer system security (css) .

  Here we are going to discuss top 50 css  multiple choice questions. these questions will help you at the many places like in examinations. in an interview etc. So lets start--

16.Joystick allows the movements with

   (A) 90 degree angle     (B) 180 degree angle
   (C) 360 degree angle    (D) 45 degree angle
Ans:- C

17.To protect system, there is how many levels of security level?

   (A) One       (B) Two
   (C) Three     (D) Four
Ans:- C

18.Lowest level of security system is

   (A) A       (B) B
   (C) C       (D) D
Ans:- A

19.The security of a system can be improved by

   (A) Audit log         (B) Threat monitoring
   (C) Both (a) and (b)  (D) None of these
Ans:- B

20.How many capabilities in CAP?

   (A) One         (B) Two
   (C) Three       (D) Four
Ans:- B

21.CAP is

   (A) Simple and greater power than that of hydra
   (B) Complex and less powerful than that of hydra
   (C) Simpler and less powerful than that of hydra
   (D) None of these
Ans:- C

22.Which one of the following is a key function of firewall?

   (A) Copying          (B) Moving
   (C) Deleting         (D) Monitoring
Ans:- D

23.Which memory is nonvolatile and may be written only once?

   (A) PROM        (B) RAM
   (C) EP-ROM      (D) SRAM
Ans:- D

24.Unauthorized copying of software to be used for personal gain of personal backups is called

   (A) Program looting     (B) Program thievery
   (C) Data snatching      (D) Software piracy
Ans:- D

25.Like a virus , it is a self-replicating program it also propagates through computer network

   (A) Phishing scam     (B) Worm
   (C) Spyware           (D) Cracker
Ans:- A

26.Multiple processor configurations

   (A) Are very efficient, but only on some applications
   (B) Work equally well on all applications
   (C) Are less efficient than scalar configurations
   (D) Are more efficient than scalar configurations
Ans:- A


   (A) Must usually be re-complied to use multiple processors
   (B) Can always be made efficient on multiple processors
   (C) Immediately run on multiple processors
   (D) Cannot run on multiple processors
Ans:- A

28.Seeks analysis is

   (A) Only shown on real-time displays
   (B) Used for analyzing control-unit busy problems
   (C) Used for analyzing device busy problems
   (D) Used for analyzing paging problems
Ans:- C

29.The most common security failure is

   (A) Depending on passwords
   (B) Carelessness by users
   (C) Too much emphasis on preventing physical access
   (D) Insufficient technology used to prevent breaches
Ans:- D

30.Trojan-Horse programs

   (A) Usually are immediately discovered
   (B) Really do not usually work
   (C) Are hacker programs that do not show up on the system
   (D) Are legitimate programs that allow unauthorized access
Ans:- D

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