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Mcq of the computer system security (css) .

  Here we are going to discuss top 50 css  multiple choice questions. these questions will help you at the many places like in examinations. in an interview etc. So lets start--

31.First boot sector virus is

   (A) Computed       (B) Mind
   (C) Brain          (D) Elk cloner
Ans:- C

32.The linking of computers with a communication system is called

   (A) Assembling       (B) Interlocking
   (C) Pairing          (D) Networking
Ans:- D

33.The phrase ____ describe viruses, worms, Trojan horse attack applets and attack scripts.

   (A) Spam          (B) Phishing
   (C) Malware       (D) Virus
Ans:- C

34.Abuse messaging systems to send unsolicited is

   (A) Phishing         (B) Adware
   (C) Firewall         (D) Spam
Ans:- D

35.A person who uses his or her expertise to gain access to other people’s computers to get information    illegally or do damage is a

   (A) Hacker    (B) Analyst
   (C) Spammer   (D) Programmer
Ans:- A

36.Malicious access are unauthorized

   (A) Destruction of data
   (B) Modification of data
   (C) Reading of data
   (D) All of these
Ans:- C

37.Encrypted passwords are used for

   (A) Security purpose
   (B) Passwords list secret
   (C) Faster execution
   (D) Both (a) and (b)
Ans:- D

38.A firewall

  (A) Separates a network into multiple domains
  (B) May need to allow http to pass
  (C) Limits network access between the two security domains and maintains and logs all connections
  (D) is a computer or router that sits between the trusted and untrusted
Ans:- A

39.Link encryption

  (A) Is used only to detect errors
  (B) Cannot be used in a large network
  (C) Is less secure than end-to-end encryption
  (D) Is more secure than end-to-end encryption
Ans:- C

40.A high paging rate

   (A) Always creates a slow system
   (B) Is a symptom of too much processor activity
   (C) Keeps the system running well
   (D) May also cause a high I/O rate
Ans:- D

41.A program designed to destroy data on your computer which can travel to “infect” other computers is called a _____

   (A) Virus
   (B) Disease
   (C) Hurricane
   (D) Torpedo
Ans:- A

42._____ are often delivered to PC through an E-mail attachment and are often designed to do harm.

  (A) Email messages
  (B) Portals
  (C) Spam
  (D) Viruses
Ans:- C

43.A hacker contacts your phone or E-mails and attempts to acquire your password is called

   (A) Spamming
   (B) Bugging
   (C) Spoofing
   (D) Phishing
Ans:- D

44.Hackers often gain entry to a network be pretending to be at a legitimate computer

   (A) IP spoofing
   (B) Forging
   (C) Spoofing
   (D) None of these
Ans:- A

45.Some viruses have delayed payload, which is sometimes called a

   (A) Bomb
   (B) Anti-virus
   (C) Time
   (D) All of these
Ans:- A

46.The most difficult problem with co-processors is

   (A) Keeping all processors busy
   (B) Managing shared resources
   (C) Finding suitable applications
   (D) Cost
Ans:- A

47.Opportunity for misuse when

   (A) Program written by one user and used by another user
   (B) Program written by one user
   (C) Program used by another user
   (D) None of these
Ans:- A

48.Main motto of CAP system is

   (A) System provides him with no library of procedures to be used
   (B) Use of software capability has allowed them to relative considerable economics in formulating and implementing protection policies
   (C) Both (a) and (b)
   (D) None of these
Ans:- C

49.Resources are managed

   (A) By sophisticated locking mechanisms
   (B) More easily with multiple processors
   (C) By only one processor
   (D) With each processor equally
Ans:- A

50.Control-unit busy

   (A) Can be prevented with more devices
   (B) Can be prevented by reducing the paging rate
   (C) Shows the availability of the path of devices
   (D) Is the same as device busy
Ans:- C

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