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Multiple choice questions on F-Distribution( statistical techniques-III) for AKTU Examination

Here In this post we will discuss the important questions of the Sample distribution of statistical techniques-III  . These questions will help you in your mid semesters exams or the semester exams or any other competitive exams. And this will also help in your upcoming  AKTU semester exam.


1. The mean of the f – distribution is equal to ___________

a) v2 / (v2 – 2) for v2 > 2

b) v2 / (v2 – 2)2 for v2 > 2

c) v2 / (v2 – 2)3 for v2 > 2

d) v2 / (v2 – 2)-1 for v2 > 2

Answer: a

Explanation: The mean of the distribution is equal to v2 / (v2 – 2) for v2 > 2. v2 denotes the degree of freedom of F-Distribution.

2. Variance is equal to [(v1 + v2 – 2)] / [v1 * (v2 – 2)2 * (v2 – 4)] for v2 > 4 for a f-Distribution.

a) True

b) False

Answer: b

Explanation: Variance is equal to [2 * v22 * (v1 + v2 – 2)] / [ v1 * (v2 – 2)2 * (v2 – 4)] for v2 > 4 for a f-Distribution where v1 and v2 denote the degrees of freedom of f-Distribution.

3. Which of the following distributions is Continuous?

a) Binomial Distribution

b) Hyper-geometric Distribution

c) F-Distribution

d) Poisson Distribution

Answer: c

Explanation: Binomial, Poisson and Hyper geometric distributions are Discrete Distributions. Only F- Distribution is Continuous Distribution in the given Distributions.

4. Which of the following distributions is used to compare two variances?

a) T – Distribution

b) F – Distribution

c) Normal Distribution

d) Poisson Distribution

  Answer: b

Explanation: F – Distribution is used when we require for comparing two variances. It uses a f-Test to compare two values of variances.

5. F-Distribution cannot take negative values.

a) True

b) False

Answer: a

Explanation: The value of the F-distribution is always positive, or zero. The variances are the square of the deviations and hence cannot assume negative values. Its value lies between 0 and ∞.

6. There is only 1 parameter in F-Distribution.

a) True

b) False

Answer: b

Explanation: There are 2 parameters in F-Distribution v1 and v2. They are called degrees of freedom of F-Distribution.

7. Find the Expectation for a F- Distribution variable with v1 = 7 and v2 = 8.

a) 4/7

b) 4/6

c) 4/3

d) 4/5

Answer: c

Explanation: The Expectation for F-Distribution is given as

E(X) = v2 / (v2 – 2) for v2 > 2

Hence, E(X) = 8 / (8-2)

E(X) = 4/3.

because Expected value is equal to mean.

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