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C- Tokens (Basic building blocks of C language)

  Here in this course we will study full C-Language course which is important for the coding . For  taking job in IT sectors programming is very important . And for this you should have the knowledge  of any one language . And C is the basic language ,mother of all the language. So we will study C - language in this course. Our C tutorial explains each topic with programs. By learning C, you will understand basic programming concepts.

So let's start:-

What is C-Language:-

                                    C is the basic programming language which is develop by  Dennis Ritchie in 1972.  It is high level programming language. It is the base of all he programming language so it is called mother language of other programming language. It is machine independent language.


                'C-Tokens ' are the basic building block of the  c-Programming . All the constructs of the C- programming is formed by using these tokens. Thus we can say entire C-programming is made up of C-tokens.

There are 6- types of Tokens in C-programming.

  1. Identifiers
  2. Keywords
  3. Constant
  4. String
  5. Operator
  6. Special Symbol

 Identifiers are the user define name given to the variables, array , function etc. Identifiers follow following properties:-

  1. Made up of lower case alphabets , upper case alphabet , digits and underscore.                   {a,b,.........,z} , {A,B..........,Z} and ( _ ) and {0,1,.....9}
  2. Must start with an alphabet or underscore .  Example:-   aabbb_1 and _aabbbb1 are correct but 1bbba is incorrect.
  3.  Identifiers are case sensitive.  for example ' area ' is not same as  ' Area ' .

Keywords are the words in c programming that have fixed meaning and use .It can not use for defining any identifiers and it's meaning and use can not be change.

For example:- for, if, else , break, continue etc. 

There are 32 keywords in the C- programming but don't need to memorized it . when we use it we will know about it.


Constant represent fixed value that may be a sign .


  1. Numeric
            a. Integer :-  1, 12, -2, -5 etc.
            b. Real :-  1.2, 0.5 , 12.63 etc.
     2. Character
         eg. 'a' ,'d' , '1' , '2' , '$' etc. ( any single character written between single codes '  ' is called character function )   

          String are the sequence of characters written in pair of double codes.
Ex:- "A" , "Aa" , "12" , "A12b" all are the string.

                operators are used to represent symbols (+, -, /, *  , %,&, | ).

Special symbols:-
                          $, <, >, ( , ) , [ , ] , etc are the special symbols. 


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