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Practice question on 1D dimensional array.

 Array is a finite collection of homogeneous elements in contiguous memory locations. Here finite means fixed and finite size (Finite number of elements).

Homogenous means all elements are of same datatype .
Contiguous memory location means consecutive memory locations. i.e. the elements will be store in sequence one after another in memory.

There are some basic questions on 1D array .After solving these questions your concept related to the 1D array will be clear.

1) Program to sum the values of an array.
2) WAP to find out sum of even and odd numbers in an array.
3) WAP to find out sum of elements stored at odd index .
4) WAP to copy one array into another array.
5) WAP to find out sum the corresponding elements of two input array into third array.
6) WAP to find out max element in the input array.
7) WAP to find out minimum element in the input array.
8) WAP to find out second largest element in the input array.

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