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Structure and Union in c

 Structure in C :-
                                     In Programming a structure can be consider as a user defined data type i.e.
1) Capable of grouping data items of different types in a single unit.
2) Usually groups logically related items.

Declaring a structure:- 
                                    The syntax of declaring a structure is as following.
For example consider a structure to record the employeeId (integer ) , Name (Character array or string ) and salary of the employee (Floating value) will be declare as .
struct Employee
int id;
char name[20];
float salary;

Declaration of structure Variable:-
                                                              A structure variable can be declare in following two ways.
First way:-  Any where in a function locally or globally . For example a variable e1 to the employee will be declare as follow :-
struct Employee e1;

As soon as structure variable e1 of the employee structure is declared a memory is allocated for e1 of total size 26 ( int = 2 byte , char = 1 byte , float = 4 byte).

Second method :- Structure variable can be created with structure declaration also . The example is given below.
struct Employee
int id;
char name[20];
float salary;
} e1,e2,e3 ;

/* Access the members using structure variable */
struct Employee
int id;
char name[20];
float salary;
} e1 ;

int main()
printf("Enter the id of the employee\n");
printf("Enter the name of the employee\n");
printf("Enter the salary of the employee\n");

// displaying the record of the employee
printf("Id - %d\n",e1.id);
printf("Name - %s\n",e1.name);
printf("Salary - %f",e1.salary);
return 0;

Enter the id of the employee
Enter the name of the employee
Enter the salary of the employee

Id - 12364
Name - EasyCodingZone
Salary - 114253.023438

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