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What is data structure

 Introduction :-

Data structure :-   ' Data structure '  means structure  of  a  data , data may be organize in many different ways like logically ,  mathematically , increasing and decreasing order depending on the particular organization .

Basic  terminology 

(i) . Elementary data organization  .

(ii) . Grouped data organization .

Elementary  data organization  ; -     Data is value or set of value data item refers to single  unit of value .

Group data organization : - Data item may  be divided  into sub-item .

These are different basic terminology in data structure .

(i) . Entity 

(ii) . Attributes 

(iii) . Primary key 

(iv) . Records 

(v) . Files 

(vi) . Entity set

(i) . Entity : -  An entity is an object existing in real  world with logically and physically manner . (Till attribute /property not known)

(ii) . Attribute : - Attribute are the property of that particular entity .

(iii) . Primary key : - Primary key is the property / value which uniquely identify any particular entity .  example ;-  roll no (from table for x)

(iv) . Records : -   Record is the collection of attributes of a particular entity . 

example : -  R1 , R2 , R3 , R4 , R5

(v) . Files : - Files are the collection of all attributes the  records of a given entity .

(vi) . Entity Set : - The table above defined is the entity set .

Classification of data structure:-
                                                     Data structure is classified in two broad categories.
1) Primitive data structure:-
                                              This is basic data structure directly operated upon by machine instruction .They have different representation on different computers. Example:- float, int ,char , pointer.

2) Non Primitive data structure:-
                                                      These are complicated data structure emphasizing on structuring of a group of homogenous or heterogeneous data . Example:- Array , list , file etc.

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