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C Tutorial

  Here in this course we will study full C-Language course which is important for the coding . For  taking job in IT sectors programming is very important . And for this you should have the knowledge  of any one language . And C is the basic language ,mother of all the language. So we will study C - language in this course. Our C tutorial explains each topic with programs. By learning C, you will understand basic programming concepts.

So let's start:-

What is C-Language:-

                                    C is the basic programming language which is develop by  Dennis Ritchie in 1972.  It is high level programming language. It is the base of all he programming language so it is called mother language of other programming language. It is machine independent language.

👉 C-- Tokens                                                       
👉Warmup program in C
👉Data type in C
👉Operators in C
👉Type Conversion in C
👉Decision making construct (if and else))
👉Practice problems on if and else
👉Switch Case in C
👉Practice problems on switch case
👉Loops in C part-1
👉Nested loop in C
👉Break and Continue in C
👉Practice Problems on loops
👉Function declaration
👉Example of function
👉Types of user define function
👉Rule of recursion
👉Advantage and disadvantage of recursion
👉Initialization of Array
👉Practice questions of 1D array
👉2D array
👉Reading and writing of string
👉string functions
👉Pointer in c
👉How to access the Value using pointer
👉Call by value and call by reference
👉Structure data type
👉union in c
👉Array of structure
👉File Handling
👉Dynamic memory allocation
👉Singly link list
👉Doubly link list
👉File inclusion
👉Type conversion in C
👉Conditional operator in C
👉Enumerated data type

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