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Inbuilt data type in C

 Data type is the type of the data . Data types are of two types primary data type and secondary data type. Primary data type are int , char , float , double etc . and size of these data types are depend on the architecture of machine . i.e for 16bit compliers size of int is 2bytes , float ( 4bytes) and for 32bits compliers like gcc  the size of the int is 4 bytes and size of float is 8 bytes. And the secondary data types are ArrayStructure , EnumPointers etc.

int is used for the integer type data objects , char is used for the character type data objects and float and double is used for the floating number (ex:  12.25) . 

Array is the collection of similar type of data in contiguous manner.

Structure  is user define data type used for grouping the elements.

⇛ Enum is user define data type in C .It is used to give names to integer constant

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