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multiple choice questions (MCQs ) of 8085 microprocessor (AKTU )

Here I will give you Top- 100+ multiple choice question related to the 8085 microprocessor which will help in you college or university examinations, in your mid semester examination and in your upcoming AKTU examination .

The questions are related to the topics:-

Pin diagram and internal architecture of 8085 microprocessor, registers, ALU, Control & status, interrupt and machine cycle. Instruction sets. Addressing modes. Instruction formats Instruction Classification: data transfer, arithmetic operations, logical operations, branching operations, timing diagram.

So let's start with the questions:-

1. In 8085 microprocessor, how many interrupts are maskable.

  a. Two

  b. Three

  c. Four

  d. Five

 Answer. c

2. Which stack is used in 8085 microprocessors?

  a. FIFO

  b. FILO

  c. LIFO

  d. LILO

Answer. c

3. In the instruction of the 8085 microprocessor, how many bytes are present?

 a. One or two

 b. One, two or three

 c. One only

 d. Two or three

Answer. b

4. Which one of the following addressing technique is not used in 8085 microprocessor?

  a. Register

  b. Immediate

  c. Register indirect

  d. Relative

Answer. d

5. Which one of the following register of 8085 microprocessor is not a part of the programming model?

  a. Instruction register

  b .Memory address register

  c. Status register

  d. Temporary data register

Answer. c

6. The program counter in 8085 microprocessor is a 16-bit register, because

  a. It counts 16 bits at a time

  b. There are 16 address times

  c. It facilitates the users storing 16-bit data temporarily

  d. It has to fetch two 8-bit data at a time.

Answer. b

7. A direct memory access (DMA) transfer replies

  a .Direct transfer of data between memory and accumulator

  b .Direct transfer of data between memory and I/O devices without the use of microprocessor

  c .Transfer of data exclusively within microprocessor registers

  d .A fast transfer of data between microprocessor and I/O devices

Answer. b

8. Handshaking mode of data transfer is

 a. Synchronous data transfer

 b. asynchronous data transfer 

 c. interrupt driven data transfer

 d. level Mode of DMA data transfer

Answer. a

9. In a Microprocessor, the address of the new next instruction to be executed is stored in

 a. Stack pointer

 b. address latch

 c. Program counter

 d. General purpose register

Answer. c

10. The instruction RET executes with the following series of machine cycle

  a. Fetch, read, write

 b.  Fetch, write, write

  c.  Fetch, read, read

  d.  Fetch, read

Answer. c

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you can go through all the pages by clicking on the link given by page number and can check all the questions .It will absolutely help in your examinations . So read these questions carefully and if you are facing any problem then please comment your problem in  comment box. 

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