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multiple choice questions (MCQs ) of 8085 microprocessor (AKTU )

Here I will give you Top- 100+ multiple choice question related to the 8085 microprocessor which will help in you college or university examinations, in your mid semester examination and in your upcoming AKTU examination .



91. If the accumulator of an Intel 8085A microprocessor contains 37 H and the previous operation has set the carry flag, the instruction ACI 56 H will result in

a.8E H


c.7E H

d.84 H

Answer. a

92. Examine the following instruction to be executed by a 8085 microprocessor. The input port has an address of 01 h and has a data 05 h to input:

IN 01 H

ANI 80 H

After the execution of the two instructions the following flag portions may occur:

1. Zero flag is set

2. Zero flag is reset

3. Carry flag is cleared

4. Auxiliary carry flag is set

Select the correct answer using the codes given below:

a.1 and 3

b.2, 3 and 4

c.1, 3 and 4

d.1, 2 and 4

Answer. c

93. For 8085 microprocessor, the instruction RST 6 restarts subroutine at address

a. 00 H

b. 03 H

c. 30 H

d. 33 H

Answer. c

94. Which one of the following function is performed by the 8085 instruction MOV H, C?

a.Moves the contents of H register to C register

b.Moves the contents of C register to H register

c.Moves the contents of C register to HL pair

d.Moves the contents of HL pair to C register

Answer. b

95. Consider the execution of the following instructions by an 8085 microprocessor:


SHLD 2050H

After execution, the contents of memory locations 2050H and 2051 H and the registers H and L, will be

a.2050 H→ FF; 2051 H→ 01 ; H→ FF; L→ 01

b.2050 H→ 01; 2051 H→ FF ; H→ FF; L→ 01

c.2050 H→ FF; 2051 H→ 01 ; H→ 01; L→ FF

d.2050 H→ FF; 2051 H→ 01 ; H→ 00; L→ 00

Answer. c

96. When RET instruction is executed by any Subroutine then

  a. the top of the stack will be popped out and assigned to the PC

  b. without any operation, the calling program would resume from instruction immediately following        the call instruction

  c. the PC will be incremented after the execution of the instruction

  d. without any operation, the calling program would resume from instruction immediately following t      the call instruction, and also the PC will be incremented after the execution of the instruction

Answer. a

97. An 8085 microprocessor-based system uses a 4 K x 8-bit RAM whose starting address is AA00 H. The address of the last byte in this RAM is

  a. 0FFF H

  b. 1000 H

  c. B9FF H

  d. BA00 H

Answer. c

98. The address bus of Intel 8085 is 16-bit wide and hence the memory which can be accessed by this address bus is

  a. 2 k bytes

  b. 4 k  bytes

  c. 16 k bytes

  d. 64 k bytes

Answer. d

99. An example of 8085 instruction that uses direct addressing is

  a. RLC
  b. STA
  c. RRC
  d. CMA

Answer. b

100. A 16 bit memory address register can address memory locations of

  a. 16 k
  b. 32 k
  c. 64 k
  d. 128 k

Answer. c

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you can go through all the pages by clicking on the link given by page number and can check all the questions .It will absolutely help in your examinations . So read these questions carefully and if you are facing any problem then please comment your problem in  comment box. 

Top-100 questions of 8085 microprocessor

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