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multiple choice questions (MCQs ) of 8085 microprocessor (AKTU )

Here I will give you Top- 100+ multiple choice question related to the 8085 microprocessor which will help in you college or university examinations, in your mid semester examination and in your upcoming AKTU examination .


11. Which one of the following statements is correct regarding the instruction CMP A ?

    a .compare accumulator with register A

    b .compare accumulator with memory

  c .compare accumulator with register H

  d .This instruction does not exist

Answer. a

12. The instruction JNC 16-bit refers to jump to 16-bit address if ?

 a .sign flag is set

 b .carry flag is reset

 c .zero flag is set

 d  .sparity flag is reset

Answer. b

13. Among the given instructions, the one which affects the maximum number of flags is ?





Answer. c

14. XCHG instruction of 8085 exchanges the content of ?

a.top of stack with contents of register pair

b.BC and DE register pairs

c.HL and DE register pairs

d.None of the above

Answer. c

15. The number of output pins of a 8085 microprocessor are





Answer. b

16. Following is a 16-bit register for 8085 microprocessor

a.Stack pointer


c.Register B

d.Register C

Answer. a

17. The register which holds the information about the nature of results of arithmetic of logic operations is called as


b.Condition code register

c.Flag register

d.Process status registers

Answer. c

18. When referring to instruction words, a mnemonic is

a.a short abbreviation for the operand address.

b.a short abbreviation for the operation to be performed.

c.a short abbreviation for the data word stored at the operand address.

d.Shorthand for machine language.

Answer. b

19. In a 8085 microprocessor system with memory-mapped I/O, which of the following is true?

a.Devices have 8-bit‘address line

b.Devices are accessed using IN and OUT instructions

c.There can be maximum of 256 input devices and 256 output devices

d.Arithmetic and logic operations can be directly performed with the I/O data

Answer. d

20. Consider the following statements:

Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)

1 . Performs arithmetic operations.

2. Performs comparisons.

3. Communicates with I/O devices.

4. Keeps watch on the system.

Which of these statements are correct?

a.1, 2, 3 and 4

b.1,2 and 3 only

c.1 and 2 only

d.3 and 4 only

Answer. c

21. Ready pin 0f microprocessor is used

a.to indicate that the microprocessor is ready to receive inputs

b.to indicate that the microprocessor is ready to receive outputs

c.to introduce wait state

 d.to provide direct memory access

Answer. c

22. A bus connected between the CPU and the main memory that permits transfer of information between main memory and the CPU is known as

a.DMA bus

b.Memory bus

c.Address bus

d.Control bus

Answer. b

23. The operations executed by two or more control units are referred as




d.Bi control-operations

Answer. c

24. Consider the following registers:

1. Accumulator and flag register

2. B and C registers

3. D and E registers

4. H and L registers

Which of these 8-bit registers of 8085 μP can be paired together to make a 16-bit register?

a.1, 3 and 4

b.2, 3 and 4

c.1, 2 and 3

d.1, 2 and 4

Answer. b

25. The first microprocessor to include virtual memory in the Intel microprocessor family is





Answer. a

26. Program counter in a digital computer

a.counts the numbers of programs run in the machine ,

b.counts the number of times a subroutine is called

c.counts the number of times the loops are executed

d.points the memory address of the current or the next instruction to be executed

Answer. d

27. Assuming LSB is at position 0 and MSB at position 7, which bit positions are not used (undefined) in Flag Register of an 8085 microprocessor?

a.1, 3, 5

b.2, 3, 5

c.1, 2, 5

d.1, 3, 4

Answer. a

28. At the beginning of a fetch cycle, the contents of the program counter are

a.incremented by one

b.transferred to address bus

c.transferred to memory address register

d.transferred to memory data register

Answer. c

29. Each instruction in an assembly language program has the following fields

1.Label field

2.Mnemonic field

3.Operand field

4.Comment field

What is the correct sequence of these fields?

a.1, 2, 3 and 4

b.2, 1, 4 and 3

c.1,3, 2 and 4

d.2, 4, 1 and 3

Answer. a

30. The relation among IC (instruction Cycle), FC (Fetch Cycle) and EC (Execute Cycle) is

a.IC = FC − EC

b.IC = FC+ EC

c.IC= FC + 2EC

d.EC = IC+FC

Answer. b

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you can go through all the pages by clicking on the link given by page number and can check all the questions .It will absolutely help in your examinations . So read these questions carefully and if you are facing any problem then please comment your problem in  comment box. 

Top-100 questions of 8085 microprocessor

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