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Practice Question based on Switch case

 Here in this article we will discuss Coding Questions based on switch case . Solution of all the questions are also provided in many different languages so we can check solutions by clicking on the links . Before starting of solving the questions you have a better knowledge of Switch case . So read it first Switch case .So let's get start :

1. Write a Program to take the value from the user as input the month number and print number of days in that month :      C    |     C++   

2.  Write a  Program to take the value from the user as input any alphabet and check whether it is vowel or consonant Using the switch statement.  :      C    |     C++   

3.  Write a  Program to check whether a number is divisible by 5 and 11 or not. Using the switch statement :     C    |     C++   

4Write a Program to take the value from the user as input all sides of a triangle and check whether the triangle is valid or not. Using switch statement :     C    |     C++   

5.  Write a Program to find the maximum between two numbers by using the switch statement :     C    |     C++  

6.  Write a Program to calculate profit or loss by using switch statement :     C    |     C++  

7. Restaurant Management project by using C  :   C   

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