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Engineering Physics notes Aktu

 Engineering Physics notes Aktu 

Here in this post I will give you notes of all the units of the Engineering Physics which is teaching in AKTU and other universities also . There are many topics which we  will cover . And I will give you name of some books which you can study .

Unit-1: Quantum Mechanics 

 Inadequacy of classical mechanics, Planck’s theory of black body radiation(qualitative), Compton effect, de-Broglie concept of matter waves, Davisson and Germer Experiment, Phase velocity and group velocity, Time-dependent and time-independent Schrodinger wave equations, Physical interpretation of wave function, Particle in a one-Dimensional box. 

 Unit-2: Electromagnetic Field Theory 

 Basic concept of Stoke’s theorem and Divergence theorem, Basic laws of electricity and magnetism, Continuity equation for current density, Displacement current, Maxwell equations in integral and differential form, Maxwell equations in vacuum and in conducting medium, Poynting vector and Poynting theorem, Plane electromagnetic waves in vacuum and their transverse nature. Relation between electric and magnetic fields of an electromagnetic wave, Plane electromagnetic waves in conducting medium, Skin depth. 

 Unit-3: Wave Optics 

 Coherent sources, Interference in uniform and wedge shaped thin films, Necessity of extended sources, Newton’s Rings and its applications, Introduction to diffraction, Fraunhoffer diffraction at single slit and double slit, Absent spectra, Diffraction grating, Spectra with grating, Dispersive power, Resolving power, Rayleigh’s criterion of resolution, Resolving power of grating. 

 Unit-4: Fiber Optics & Laser 

 Fibre Optics: Principle and construction of optical fiber, Acceptance angle, Numerical aperture, Acceptance cone, Step index and graded index fibers, Fiber optic communication principle, Attenuation, Dispersion, Application of fiber. Laser: Absorption of radiation, Spontaneous and stimulated emission of radiation, Population inversion, Einstein’s Coefficients, Principles of laser action, Solid state Laser (Ruby laser) and Gas Laser (He-Ne laser), Laser applications. 

 Unit-5: Superconductors and Nano-Materials: 

 Superconductors: Temperature dependence of resistivity in superconducting materials, Meissner effect, Temperature dependence of critical field, Persistent current, Type I and Type II superconductors, High temperature superconductors, Properties and Applications of Super-conductors. Nano-Materials: Introduction and properties of nano materials, Basics concept of Quantum Dots, Quantum wires and Quantum well, Fabrication of nano materials -TopDown approach (CVD) and Bottom-Up approach (Sol Gel), Properties and Application of nano materials.  

Links For Download the Notes 

Unit-1 : Quantum Mechanics :    Download  

Unit-2: Electromagnetic Field Theory :  Download  

Unit-3: Wave Optics :   Download  

 Unit-4: Fiber Optics & Laser :   Download  

 Unit-5: Superconductors and Nano-Materials:   Download  

Reference Books:

1. Concepts of Modern Physics - Aurthur Beiser (Mc-Graw Hill) 
 2. Optics - Brijlal & Subramanian (S. Chand ) 
 3. Engineering Physics: Theory and Practical- Katiyar and Pandey (Wiley India) 
 4. Applied Physics for Engineers- Neeraj Mehta (PHI Learning, New) 
 5. Engineering Physics-Malik HK and Singh AK (Mc Graw Hill)

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