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Engineering Physics unit 5 notes AKTU


Engineering Physics unit 5 notes AKTU  

Here in this notes we will cover the many topics of the Engineering Physics . which is taught in AKTU and other universities . So here is the topics which we will cover .

Topics cover in unit 5 Superconductors and Nano-Materials (Engineering Physics)

Superconductors: Temperature dependence of resistivity in superconducting materials, Meissner effect, Temperature dependence of critical field, Persistent current, Type I and Type II superconductors, High temperature superconductors, Properties and Applications of Super-conductors. 
Nano-Materials: Introduction and properties of nano materials, Basics concept of Quantum Dots, Quantum wires and Quantum well, Fabrication of nano materials -TopDown approach (CVD) and Bottom-Up approach (Sol Gel), Properties and Application of nano materials. 


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